English toy spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel breed has a rich history and they have been a favourite of royal courts. This breed is loyal, intelligent, playful, etc. They can be great around older kids as they are playful. However, they need less exercise as they are from the toy dog breed group and costs around $2000 – $3000.

Breed Information

Dog SizeSmallest
ColourWhite, Black, Red, Tan
Dog Breed GroupToy
Height9-11 inches
Weight8-14 pounds
Coat LengthMedium
Life Span10-12 years
OriginUnited Kingdom
CharacteristicsThe English Toy Spaniel breed holds characteristics like being playful, gentle, devoted, etc.
HistoryThe English Toy Spaniel breed has been around for many centuries. This breed was famous among royal courts like Mary, Charles I, etc. There have been different kinds of Spaniels around during the end of the 19th century with different features.
PersonalityThis breed is known to have unique and lovable personality traits. They are sweet and great companion dogs. Also, they are happy, devoted, as well as a quiet breed which likes to be around people. Also, can be great around other pets.
HealthThe English Toy Spaniel breed remains healthy most of their lives. But they can face some health issues if they are not properly looked after like patellar luxation, mitral valve insufficiency, patent ductus arteriosis, etc. Taking them to a vet at regular intervals can be beneficial.
CareThis breed can be looked after easily as they don’t need any serious daily exercise. They can exercise around the home where they need small walks. However, they are not meant for walking as they can face joint issues, etc.
FeedingThe English Toy Spaniel breed requires proper feed to remain healthy. They need 0.5 - 1 cup of nutritional dog feed which should be divided into two different meals. Also, their feed should be according to some factors like metabolism, age, height, etc.
Coat Color And GroomingThis breed has a long as well as straight coat which is of silky texture. Also, their coat is available in colours like ruby, mahogany, and tricolour, along with white patches or not. The English Toy Spaniel breed needs some grooming from time to time like a bath twice a month, etc.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsThis breed is loving and caring towards children which is why they can be easily around kids. However, young kids should be avoided around them. Also, the English Toy Spaniel breed can be around other kinds of pets if they are socialized properly.
Temperament and TrainingThis breed has a quiet, happy, and forgiving temperament which makes them great companions. Also, the English Toy Spaniel breed is intelligent and can be stubborn while training. So, positive and gentle training methods should be opted for.
PriceAround $2000 - $3000

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