Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog is extremely agile, intelligent, and happy dog breed. It is also known for it’s fluffy and heavy coat that make it look super cute. The dog breed is considered to be a family companion and happy with human families. The dog breed is also known as ‘Old English’.

Old English Sheepdog is quite gentle, humble, and outgoing by nature followed by high intelligence level. It can also bear cold weather and go for hiking easily. However, it needs a lot of grooming every now and then. It belongs to the herding group. It comes around $1800 to $3000. The Old English Sheepdog belongs to herding breed.

Breed Information

Dog SizeLarge
ColourWhite, Black, Grey, Blue, Fawn
Dog Breed GroupHerding
HeightApproximately 21 inches
WeightBetween 60 and 100 pounds
Coat LengthLong
Life Span10 to 12 Years
CharacteristicsThe Old English Sheepdog is known to be highly gentle, intelligent, playful, adaptable, sociable, and family-oriented.
HistoryIts one of the most exclusive dogs from England. It was first developed in the parts of West England such as Devon, Somerset, and Duchy of Cornwall. It was first seen in the `1700s and are not completely English by blood. In fact, it has it’s ancestors from Scotch, Russian, and European ancestry. The Old English Sheepdog used to be a part of almost every sport event. The stockmen have consistently showcasing the breed in England from 1865.
PersonalityThe Old English Sheepdog is known for being gentle, outgoing, and extremely adaptable by nature.
HealthThe Old English Sheepdog is quite a healthy breed and comes with a lifespan of over 12 years. The major health problems this breed suffers from are hip dysplasia, cataracts, heart problems, deafness, weight gain, and diabetes.
CareOne has to clean and trim it’s long hair often that too over the paw pads. This will prevent the problems like sores and mats.
FeedingIt requires a high-quality feeding either home prepared or commercial. However, the feed should be approved from a certified vet. Also, make sure to check it’s weight and calorie intake.
Coat Color And GroomingThe breed comes in different coat colours such as blue, black, fawn, white, and Gray.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsThe Old English Sheepdog is pretty cordial and gentle with human families and other pets.
Temperament and TrainingThe Old English Sheepdog is highly gentle, intelligent, and outgoing kind of dog breed. Since it belongs to herding group, it’s easy to train. However, it needs a lot of time in grooming.
PriceAround $1800 to $3000

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