Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound of the present times is similar to the basal breed that is closely related to the Saluki. It is an amazing dog breed with remarkable features a fine silky coat and a ring curl at the end. It has a noble and calm appearance but when the need arises it can fight a leopard too.

The breed is particularly from Afghanistan. The Afghan tribes used this breed for hunting down animals like deer, gazelles, and leopards too. The big dog shows or Afghan Hound shows regard these dogs as luxurious and elegant ones. Few people state they are aristocratic dogs.

Breed Information

Dog SizeLarge
ColourWhite, Grey, Brindle, Cream, Gold, Fawn
Dog Breed GroupHound
Height24 inches to 29 inches approx.
Weight20kgs to 27kgs
Coat LengthLong
Life Span13 to 17 years
CharacteristicsIndependent, Strong Will, and Bit Lazy
HistoryIt was first bred in Afghanistan, and in the 19th century, British soldiers brought it to Europe. It can adapt to rough terrains because of its history of being the dog of higher structure and wide hip bones. It firstly was known as the ‘Basal Breed’. The Afghan hound is said to be closely related to Saluki, and it is also known as Tazi.
PersonalityThe Afghan Hound dogs are true to their personality and confidence as they are true hunters. They were originally bred by the Afghan tribes for hunting purposes. This made the dog breed confident and clear in their motives. They are fierce but can be a bit lazy sometimes. The dogs are friendly towards their owners but do not trust strangers.
HealthHealthwise these dogs are healthy but they can develop certain medical conditions. These are cataract, enlarged and weak heart muscles, skin allergies, etc. However, proper care will help them to remain healthy.
CareProper care is required for an Afghan Hound dog. They are naturally active, so families need to exercise them to help restore their natural hunting and confident instincts. You must have a proper and highly secured fence.
FeedingThe feed your dog takes depends on its age, size, weight, and height. You can feed around 2.5 cups of quality dry food. It can be divided into 2 or 3 meals.
Coat Color And GroomingThe coat color mostly seen is cream, brindle, and grey. It has a thick silky coat with a tail having ring curls at the end. The adult dogs will have short hairs on the back that are smooth along the leg regions. Proper grooming and visit to the groomer are a must for this breed. Always take the dog from a certified breeder.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsAfghan Hounds are not barkers but are very sweet and gentle. They can accommodate well with children and other pets if trained well. However, they need their own space too. Leave them independent and exercise them well around others.
Temperament and TrainingThis breed is stated to be gentle at times but when it comes to temperament and training, they can be real stubborn dogs. You can stick to basic house commands. If you want to take them to shows, then you need to train them with the best dog trainers. Do nurture their hunting drive. If they are in hunting mode, they can refuse your commands or calls.
PriceAverage $2500 - $3500 USD

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