The mastiff breed is known from the canine clan which is ancient. This breed has a massive structure and is heavy. Mastiffs are courageous and strong which makes them dignified and formidable protectors of their owner. Also, they are called black-masked giants.

Most owners of Mastiffs find them lovable and patient while protecting them as home pets. Also, this breed is loyal but training is required for them. It’s price ranges between $300 and $1300. It belongs to the working group.

Breed Information

Dog SizeGiant
ColourBrindle, Fawn
Dog Breed GroupWorking
Height27.5-30 inches
Weight120-230 pounds
Coat LengthShort
Life Span6-10 Years
CharacteristicsThe points involving characteristics of the Mastiff breed include dignified, good nature, courage, protective, calmness, etc.
HistoryThe Mastiff breed famous by the name English Mastiff has an ancient heritage. This breed was first found in Britain when the Romans invaded the island. Phoenician traders might have brought this breed in the 6th century BC. Later, this breed was taken as guardians. It is said that this breed came to America on the Mayflower and is currently available in England, Canada, as well as America.
PersonalityThis breed is highly dignified and of a very good nature. They are loving towards their master and the calmness of Mastiffs allows them to be great companions. However, with strangers, Mastiffs are curious and protective.
HealthMastiffs can face some health problems like bloating which is life-threatening for them. Also, going through the Mastiff Club of America can be helpful in learning more about their health.
CareMastiffs need some care like quick brushing after a few days. Also, the owner should inspect the ears and wrinkles of this breed to avoid any issues. Their ears should be cleaned every other day and nails should be trimmed.
FeedingMastiffs require proper nutrition for 2 years for complete growth. Also, their feed shouldn’t involve protein of more than 26%. The feed of Mastiff should be according to their health issues, metabolism, etc.
Coat Color And GroomingThe coat colour of Mastiff is apricot, fawn, as well as brindle. They have a double and thick coat which is why Mastiff needs brushing after a few days.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsMastiffs are noble as well as loving which makes this great with children. But they do need proper training as well as socialization. Also, this breed can go well with other pets when they are exposed to various situations at an early age.
Temperament and TrainingMastiffs have a great nature, courageous, and dignified. For obedience, they do need training and proper socialization at an early age. Also, this breed can learn quickly, so training with love and respect will allow them to excel.
PriceBetween $300 and $1300

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