Whippet is quite a tall, slim, and active dog. Many people find it quite similar to the greyhound dog due to its physical abilities and features. Whippet is the only dog that can run the fastest in the world. As per the facts, it can easily run around 35 miles per hour. The dog breed is also famous for being loyal, elegant, friendly, playful, and vigilant. It belongs to the hound dog breed group. When it comes to the pricing of Whippet then it costs around $800 to $1500.

Breed Information

Dog SizeSmall to Medium
ColourWhite, Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Fawn
Dog Breed GroupHound
Height18 - 22 inches
Weight25 - 45 pounds
Coat LengthShort
Life Span12-15 years
OriginUnited Kingdom
CharacteristicsThe dog breed is quite loyal, friendly, playful, alert, and active.
HistoryIt first originated in Northern England. The dog breed was quite likable in times of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. It is often believed that it came from the crossbreeding of terriers and greyhounds in England as the appearance is quite identical. The dog breed was also used to hunt tiny games by the English working class which made it quite popular in the sport category. It came to America at the end of the 1800s and is known for being the fastest dog breed in the world.
PersonalityWhippet is a tall and slim dog that weighs around 25 to 40 pounds. It has dark and large eyes followed by large ears in a shape of a rose. It doesn’t shed much throughout the season and is quite friendly.
HealthWhippets live up to 15 years and are quite active and healthy. However, there is one of the rarest genetic diseases that the dog is prone to called Bully Whippet Syndrome. It is a gene mutation that directly affects muscle growth.
CareSince Whippets don’t shed much so one doesn’t need to spend much time on its care. It doesn’t require much grooming. Also, the dog breed doesn’t need a regular bath. Just keep its nails short and train them right from the beginning.
FeedingIt requires a high-quality and nutritious diet. Two meals per day are enough for this dog breed.
Coat Color And GroomingIt comes in various coat colors, including chocolate, black, brown, cream, fawn, red, and white. When it comes to grooming, it doesn’t require much of it.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsWhippet is quite cordial and friendly with kids, families, seniors, and other pets.
Temperament and TrainingThe dog breed is playful, friendly, and gentle by nature. It loves to run, hence, one must spend some time taking it out for activities and running. When it comes to its training, it’s able to learn easily. However, ensure apt socialization right in the early stage.
PriceAround $800 to $1500

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