Australian Cattle

The Australian Cattle dog breed was bred during the 19th century. This breed is known to be intelligent, tenacious, active, etc. They can do well around children and can get along with other pets or dogs if they are trained properly. However, this breed belongs to the herding dog breed group and costs around $1800- $5000 depending on the breeder.

Breed Information

Dog SizeMedium
ColourBlue, Red
Dog Breed GroupHerding
Height17-20 inches
Weight30-62 pounds
Coat LengthShort
Life Span12-15 years
CharacteristicsThe Australian Cattle Dog breed holds characteristics like loyal, active, intelligent, trainable, tenacious, etc.
HistoryThis breed came into existence during the 19th century that helped ranchers in boosting the Australian beef industry. However, in the year 1980 this breed was accepted by the American Kennel Club and in the year 1983 they were transferred to the Herding group.
PersonalityThe Australian Cattle dog is known to have a personality of being active. They need daily physical activity. But if they are bored then this breed can be destructive. However, they are devoted, naughty, and trainable.
HealthThis breed remains healthy most of their life but like any other breed, they can face some health issues like progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, deafness, etc. So, taking the Australian Cattle dog to a vet can be helpful.
CareThe Australian Cattle Dog is known to be an active breed. This is the reason that they need daily exercise to be healthy. Otherwise, they can be destructive. Also, they can develop chewing habits when they are bored.
FeedingThe Australian Cattle Dog requires good dry feed to remain healthy and live long. They require 1.5 - 2.5 cups of top-notch dog feed two times a day. Plus, their feed should be according to their size, age, build, and other factors.
Coat Color And GroomingThe coat of the Australian Cattle Dog is known to be weather-resistant and dense. They are available in colours like blue, red speckle, etc. with black, blue, etc. markings. However, they don’t need much grooming but timely brushing of coats and teeth.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsThe Australian Cattle Dog breed can be a great family dog as they can do well around kids as they are playful. Also, they can keep well with other pets if they are trained and socialized at an early age.
Temperament and TrainingThis breed is active, playful, and devoted when it comes to their temperament. Also, they can be trained easily with reward-based training. However, simple training methods should be used initially.
PriceAround $1800- $5000

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