Akita is a Japanese dog breed and is nothing short of a national treasure for the country. The dog breed was trained to hunt down bears and wild boar in the mountains. The dog is pretty determined and brave, affectionate, and loyal by nature. It comes in a rounded frame, fuzzy coat, and large size. It is also known for its gigantic paws and sturdiness. It belongs to the working dog breed. When it comes to the pricing, it costs around $1000 to $3000.

Breed Information

Dog SizeLarge
ColourWhite, Black, Red, Fawn
Dog Breed GroupWorking
Height24-28 inches
Weight75-120 pounds
Coat LengthMedium
Life Span10-14 years
CharacteristicsAkita is a gentle, wilful, loyal, and quite sturdy dog. Overall, it’s a sweet and affectionate dog breed.
HistoryAkita originated in Japan and is named after one of the regions in the country. At first, it used to be a watchdog and multi-purpose hunter who used to hunt down wild boar and bears in the Northern Japan mountains. The dog breed also comes quite auspicious for the Japanese as it represents good luck and health. The country declared it a Japanese Natural Monument back in 1931.
PersonalityIt is quite a large and incredibly powerful dog breed that used to be a watchdog and an able hunter. It loves to take up challenges without fearing anything. Being loyal and affectionate, the dog breed is a highly loved dog breed among families.
HealthAkita lives up to 13 years and is blessed with good health. However, it is prone to various health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, hypothyroidism, arthritis, etc.
CareAlthough it doesn’t smell if it’s kept outside for more time, its coat gets dirty, this can create a foul smell. Hence, it’s better to brush and groom it quite often without keeping it outside much. It also requires little exercise daily, such as a daily jog or a long walk. It’s better to start training it early.
FeedingWhen it comes to feeding Akita, it’s important to feed it with high-quality dry food. The daily 3 to 5 cups will suffice.
Coat Color And GroomingIt comes in various coat colors, including blue, brown, black, chocolate, cream, gold, fawn, red, white, yellow, gray, and liver. When it comes to the grooming part, it requires weekly brushing and occasional bathing. Also, its nails must be trimmed once a month.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsAkita mingles well with kids, families, and seniors. When it comes to pets, it needs to be trained well else it may harm them.
Temperament and TrainingAkita is quite a gentle, affectionate, playful, and sturdy dog breed. It needs to be trained right from the beginning to help it grow and mingle properly with other pets.
PriceAround $1000 to $3000

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