The Weimaraner breed is the favourite of hunters and they are also popular as ‘Gray Ghost’. This breed is friendly, energetic, powerful, etc. They love to exercise, play, and like to be around their owner. A correctly bred Weimaraner is going to have solid color along with some white spots. However, this breed defines grace as well as balance. They can be perfect home dogs. The Weimaraner breed belongs to a sporting group and costs $1400 – $7800.

Breed Information

Dog SizeLarge
ColourGrey, Blue, Cream
Dog Breed GroupSporting
Height23-27 Inches
Weight55-90 Pounds
Coat LengthShort
Life Span10-13 years
CharacteristicsThe characteristics of the Weimaraner breed are aloof, steady, powerful, energetic, etc.
HistoryThe Weimaraner breed was developed during the 1800s. The main figure behind this breed is Grand Duke Karl August of Germany. He dreamed of developing a hunting dog which resulted in the Weimaraner breed. Later, in the 1920s this breed came to America and became popular by 1950 among celebrities, politicians, etc.
PersonalityThe Weimaraner breed is friendly, smart, obedient, etc. They are great watchdogs as well as human companions. However, offering them training can enhance their personality traits with time and they can be well-mannered.
HealthThis breed is highly active which can make them prone to accidents. Also, Weimaraner loves to chew and can face gum injury. Also, they can get health issues like gastric torsion, hip evaluation, etc. Taking care of them regularly becomes vital.
CareThis breed has daily exercise requirements. To maintain their physical as well as mental health, they need daily running and other activities. This way they can remain happy and healthy.
FeedingThe Weimaraner dogs are considered good eaters. Giving them a proper and healthy diet is required. Also, the protein content should be moderate in their diet. Avoiding rich food is better to maintain their digestive system.
Coat Color And GroomingThis breed comes in three coat colors blue, gray, and silver gray. While maintaining their coat is necessary but above that keeping their nails short can be a big task. This way Weimaraner can remain healthy.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsThe Weimaraner breed is friendly and can be great companions with kids. But with small kids below the age of 6, they can be a mess. Also, the Weimaraner dog can be problematic with other pets like rabbits, cats, birds, etc. as they have a prey drive.
Temperament and TrainingThe Weimaraner is smart, intelligent, energetic, etc. Also, they are fast learners which can spoil their behavior quickly. So, offering proper training with simple and polite methods can be helpful. This can allow them to be great companions.
PriceAround $1400 - $7800

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