The Harrier breed is best known as prey-driven and bred in medieval England. They are outgoing, gentle, and friendly. Also, they are slightly larger than a Beagle and have some resemblance to him. The Harrier breed likes to be around children and enjoys their company. Also, they can be easily trained with positive methods of training. This breed belongs to the hound dog breed group and costs $1500 – $2500.

Breed Information

Dog SizeMedium
ColourWhite, Black, Red, Tan
Dog Breed GroupHound
Height19-21 inches
Weight40-60 pounds
Coat LengthShort
Life Span10-12 years
OriginUnited Kingdom
CharacteristicsThe Harrier breed holds characteristics like being friendly, outgoing, swift, high-energy, etc.
HistoryThere are some conflicts when it comes to the main origin of the Harrier breed. However, their name means hound or dog. In the early 1260s, this breed was developed in England. But in the 1700s, this breed was imported to the United States.
PersonalityThe Harrier breed is known to be gentle, outgoing, friendly, not aggressive, etc. However, they are independent thinkers which can sometimes make them stubborn but with training, they can easily adjust.
HealthThe Harrier breed remains healthy. But they can face some health conditions down the line like hip dysplasia, allergies, etc. Getting them checked at a vet after regular intervals can be beneficial.
CareThis breed holds energy as well as great stamina. This is the reason that the Harrier breed need exercise daily otherwise they can be destructive. Also, they can live outside in a shelter but even if they live with you, they won’t ask for attention.
FeedingThe Harrier breed requires proper feed to remain healthy. They need 1.5 - 2 cups of healthy and dry food daily to stay active and healthy. Also, their feed should be according to their metabolism, current health, age, etc.
Coat Color And GroomingThis breed has a shiny and short coat and comes in colours like red, white, black, tan, etc. Also, the Harrier breed is easy to groom as they require brushing once a week, teeth brushing 2-3 times a week, regular nail trimming, etc.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsThe Harrier breed is known to be great with children. They can easily enjoy themselves with adult children and like playing with them. Also, this breed can adjust with other pets if they are exposed to them at an early age.
Temperament and TrainingThe Harrier breed is amiable as well as loving. They have an independent nature and sometimes can be stubborn. But proper training can help them be obedient. However, using simple training methods with rewards can be helpful.
PriceAround $1500 - $2500

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