The Bulldog breed is friendly, playful, and dignified. Many pet lovers love to bring home this dog breed for it’s fun-loving and courageous aspects. Their furrowed brow, small ears, loose skin, hanging chops, etc. makes them look unique. Also, this breed is equal to courage. Plus, they are considered the national symbol of England.

This breed first came to England and has been the favorite of all. However, this breed cannot tolerate much heat. Also, Bulldogs belongs to the non-sporting group of the dog breed group and costs $1500- $4000 depending on essential dog factors. 

Breed Information

Dog SizeMedium
ColourWhite, Brown, Red, Brindle, Fawn
Dog Breed GroupNon Sporting
Height14-15 inches
Weight40-50 Pounds
Coat LengthShort
Life Span8-10 Years
CharacteristicsThe bulldog breed holds characteristics like kind, courageous, dignified, friendly, etc.
HistoryThis breed was created in England during the 13th century but during the 19th century faced extinction. So, they were transformed from brawlers to human companions. Since then, this breed has been the national symbol of England.
PersonalityThe Bulldog breed is intelligent, charming, and friendly. They can be great watchdogs and family dogs. Bulldogs are playful but can be destructive.
HealthThis breed can get overheated easily. So, they shouldn’t be out in the sun for maximum time. Also, other health tests should be done regularly.
CareThe Bulldog breed should be taken on regular walks to maintain their overall health. But this should not be done in high temperatures as they can face health issues.
FeedingThis breed requires proper nutrition under the supervision of a vet. Also, the feed should be according to Bulldog’s metabolism, current health state, etc.
Coat Color And GroomingThe Bulldog breed has a fallow, white, etc. coat which is easy to maintain. It requires soft brushing a few times a week. Also, their coat should be dry and clean to avoid infections.
Relationship with Children And Other PetsThis breed can maintain good relations with children as they are loyal and friendly. However, proper training and socializing at an early age can help them be comfortable around other pets.
Temperament and TrainingThe Bulldog breed is friendly and easygoing. They require proper training to avoid undesirable behavior.
PriceAround $1500- $4000

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